Tablet Press Machine

Since established, we have spent years of efforts in the development and production of the Tablet Press Machine. So far, we have mature craftsmanship and experienced workers to help us achieve a highly efficient and reliable business pill press machine series manufactured by Sino Pharmaceutical Equipment include multiple types. And the products shown below belong to this type.tablet making machine, manufactured based on high-quality materials and advanced technology, has reasonable structure, excellent performance, stable quality, and long-lasting durability. It is a reliable product which is widely recognized in the market.You can find the products you need on our official website.

ZPE-17 double color tablet  press machine
ZPE-17 double color tablet press machine
This machine is designed for pressing tablets from various kinds of granular materials. As its feature, the machine can press not only round tablets but also different geometrical shape tablets, double-layer and annular tablets. The tablets may have the impressed letters on both sides. The turret carries 21 sets of movable-punches and dies. So, 21 tablets press will be pressed for each revolution of the turret. The biggest advantage of this tablet press is that it is completely enclosed and dustproof, which can completely isolate the pollution.At the same time, the noise is small, the pressure is high, and the overpressure is stopped to avoid damage to the machine.
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